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What is convalescent plasma?

Convalescent plasma (plasma) is yellow liquid portion of the blood which contain antibodies to fight against the novel coronavirus (SARS-COV2). It is obtained from blood donated by fully recovered COVID-19 patients, who are asymptomatic. The blood is processed by blood bank to extract plasma. Convalescent plasma is being used to treat severe SARS-COV2 infection as it was clinically shown to be helping some patients recovering from serious illness. Current evidence of its effectiveness is based on clinical experience and its previous use during Ebola pandemic. Increased number scientific papers are being produced on this topic. As there is no effective proven treatment available for SARS-COV2 at this time, convalescent plasma is being used as drug under investigation in some countries and on ethical grounds in other countries.


Who may receive convalescent plasma?

Following are the general guidelines as a part of initial screening process of donors. Final eligibility will be determined by authorized blood banks after official screening process. Donors or patients must meet individual local, regional, or national regulations (criteria) to donate or request plasma.

  1. 1.  Patients with life threatening COVID-19 illness.
  2. 2.  Plasma prescribed by the physician treating the patient with COVID-19 illness.

What plasma seekers to expect?

  1. 1.   When you find a donor with your search criteria, you can request and register. A message will be sent you and to the donor.
  2. 2.   If you do not find a matching donor, please register. So that, you can be informed about new donors.
  3. 3.   A message with your contact details will be sent to the plasma donor to contact you to discuss donation process.
  4. 4.  Communicate with plasma donors where to arrive (blood bank)
  5. 4.  Receive plasma donors with utmost respect.
  6. 5.  Follow hospital or blood bank instructions.
  7. 6.  Please keep a letter or prescription from the doctor ready as a proof, in cased needed.