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1.COVID-19 antibodies in convalescent plasma donations wane by 3 to 4 months-02/10/2020

2.Wanted in Covid-19 Fight: Superdonors of Convalescent Plasma-02/10/2020

3.NIH expands trials of convalescent plasma against Covid-19-27/09/2020

4.Promoting access to COVID-19 convalescent plasma in low- and middle-income countries-27/09/2020

5.Evaluation of current medical approaches for COVID-19: a systematic review and meta-analysis-27/09/2020

6.Convalescent plasma therapy for B-cell depleted patients with protracted COVID-19 disease-27/09/2020

7.Therapeutic options in the treatment of severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 in pregnant patient-27/09/2020

8.Convalescent plasma from COVID 19 patients enhances intensive care unit survival rate. A preliminary report-27/09/2020

9.Screening for SARS-CoV-2 antibodies in convalescent plasma in Brazil: Preliminary lessons from a voluntary convalescent donor program-27/09/2020

10.Convalescent plasma treatment of severe COVID-19: a propensity score–matched control study-27/09/2020

11.SARS-CoV-2 serology and virology trends in donors and recipients of convalescent plasma-27/09/2020

12.Effect of Convalescent Plasma on Mortality among Hospitalized Patients with COVID-19: Initial Three-Month Experience-27/09/2020

13.Convalescent plasma for COVID-19-27/09/2020

14.The COVID-19 Treatment Guidelines Panel’s Statement on the Emergency Use Authorization of Convalescent Plasma for the Treatment of COVID-19-27/09/2020

15.COVID-19 RESEARCH-27/09/2020

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