1. 1.  Purpose of this website is to help communicate patients, donors, physicians, researchers, hospitals, blood banks and other concerned individuals to donate or request for Convalescent Plasma (plasma) and to facilitate research.

  2. 2.  This website is designed for those patients who were officially prescribed for Convalescent Plasma by their physicians treating COVID-19 illness and to help find plasma donors.

  3. 3.  This website is designed mainly for Convalescent Plasma for COVID-19 illness. So, the term plasma in this website refers to Convalescent Plasma.

  4. 4.  The website does not contain any medical, legal, health or professional advice. This information is for education purpose only and this platform is created to help patients, families, and researchers etc. We do not recommend any actions based on this website content. Please do your own research or contact your physician, blood bank, hospital etc. for additional information.

  5. 5.  We will recommend using this website only if no official or alternate website available in your area or country. For example, it is not recommended to use in United States of America where there are more effective, official, and alternate sources are available. This website is mean to patients belonging to regions where no clear system is available to find plasma donors.

  6. 6.  Please use this website as an alternate source to find plasma, while continue effort find donors by other means like and not limited hospital sites, voluntary organizations, blood banks interested to help finding plasm donors etc.

  7. 7.  Enrollment in the website does not guarantee plasma donor or seeker. Please continue to look through other ways to find plasma, as described above.

  8. 8.  Different countries and regions have different recommendations, rules, and regulations, please make sure you are following recommendations of respective country or region before donating, requesting, and administering plasma. We are providing a social platform to find donors but not mean to recommend or help you follow local rules and regulations.

  9. 9.  Convalescent plasma is not the treatment of choice for COVID-19 illness, used only as possible last option of treatment or in addition to other modalities of COVID-19 treatments, in severe life-threatening illness.

  10. 10.  Final decision of plasma administration is solely based on physicians' recommendations treating the COVID-19 Patients, patients and or family's decision up on understanding risks and benefits.

  11. 11.  Recently there is increasing use of convalescent plasma in COVID-19 illness and there is question of its effectiveness. Evidence suggests sufficient levels are antibody titers are needed for its effectiveness. So, checking antibody titers in donors is suggested.

  12. 12.  This website is only meant for voluntary donation only not meant for commercial purpose, which is not encouraged in any way.

  13. 13.  Convalescent plasma may not benefit everybody who receive it. Effectiveness depends up on several factors including but not limited to antibody titers in donor blood, presence of antibodies to non-local strains of coronavirus, timing of administration from onset of illness, concomitant use of other medications. We would recommend doing your own research on this.

  14. 14.  There is new news, evidence, resource, policy updates are coming every day. so, we request website visitors and users to use updated information from other sources, before using this website, in any way including donating and using plasma therapy to treat COVID-19 illness. This website may not be updated on regular basis.

  15. 15.  It is the responsibility of plasma seekers and donors to choose authorized blood bank and or health care setting for official screening of donors, for final decision of eligibility and plasma donation.

  16. 16.  We recommend arrange meeting of donors and plasma seekers either at the blood bank located in the hospital where the patient is admitted or at local authorized blood bank where they process plasma.

  17. 17.  We strongly recommend not to meet any other places to avoid fraud and for the safety of both donors and seekers.

  18. 18.  Website is not responsible if there is any miscommunication between users or if any delay in communication. It is sole responsibility of users to communicate effectively.

  19. 19.  Website is not responsible if there is any miscommunication between users or if any delay in communication. It is sole responsibility of users to communicate effectively.

  20. 20.  Please contact us for any suggestions, errors, feedback etc. We will get back to you as soon as possible. Time of response depends on volume of queries we are getting. As this is voluntary and noncommercial website and no dedicated person is available all the time, please expect more than usual time to reply.

  21. 21.  We may not update website regularly for any information, please check other sources for any latest updates before using this website.